Operations aimed at facilitating your logistics

Strategic Audited Enclosure

Value strategies for foreign trade actors driving new development paths for Mexico. We operate as a Strategic Fiscalized Enclosure (RFE), conveniently located in the constituency of the Port Zone of Veracruz.

Advantages in the deferral of tax payments and longer storage periods for national, nationalized or foreign merchandise, and tax and customs benefits contemplated in the customs law for this regime.

The first operator under this regime (RFE)

in the southeast of the country

  • Storage for up to 60 months
  • Integration of logistics solutions
  • Operation 24 hrs. - 365 days of the year
  • Accelerated litigation vs. other tax regime
  • Inventory control
  • Security of goods and processes
  • Business support and infrastructure





We are members of the Mexican Association of Private Industrial Parks, a leading organization in the promotion of industrial infrastructure in Mexico that represents the sector to meet market players, have access to key people and know the latest trends in the industry.

Strategic Audited Enclosure

Authorized Operator