More than thirty years of history


Commited to Veracruz's Port modernization and development, the first port of Mexico and growth's role model for our city and the country, we have obtained the permissions to build, operate and manage the Container and Cargo Semi-specialized Terminal North Bay Project, for a 20 years period.


Commited to contribute with the foreign trade's development through port services provisions, we have obtained the permission from Tampico's Port Administration, for the Multiple Uses Terminal's II operation and management of this Port.


As a result of the consolidated experience in the specialized handling of goods, CICE Soluciones Logísticas was created, a new business unit that offers warehousing and distribution logistics services under the 3PL scheme for the integrated management of supply chains.


The San Julián Logistics Park is inaugurated 3.5 km from the access to the Port Precinct, with agile communication routes to and from the Port of Veracruz with first level infrastructure that includes a container yard, logistic activities area, storage of goods, repair of containers, as well as areas for the development of new projects.

This same year, as a connection node to the national transport network, the Patio de Operaciones in Tultepec, State of Mexico, was inaugurated. Consolidated today as a synergistic point for the transfer of merchandise, allowing us to satisfy the needs of our clients through the Pacific terrestrial corridor - Central - Gulf.


The new CICE Logistics business division is created to design proposals tailored to the needs of our customers. It offers operative solutions and intermodal transport integration services for the integral management of all types of cargo and development of special projects inside and outside the port.


With the objective of satisfying the demand for foreign trade services in the Gulf of Mexico, a contract for the provision of port services was formalized with the Port Administration of the Port of Tampico, Tamaulipas, thus initiating the operations of CICE Tampico almost one of each.


Dedicated to the transport of goods, started operations CICE Transport, a company created in order to support the group's operations, equipped with a large fleet of units specialized container shipping, bulk cargo, project cargo and all kinds of dry general cargo .


On the federal highway Veracruz - Cardel, the San Julián Project is located, 55 hectares for activities complementary to foreign trade, where an important environmental conservation work is also carried out on 5.2 hectares of land destined to the creation of a Environmental Management Unit that allows coexistence with the local environment.


The Domo is inaugurated inside the Multipurpose Terminal, with 6,800 m² for handling and storage of bulk goods, the only one of its kind in the Gulf of Mexico. It currently has a semi-automated system of conveyor belts that allow an increase in the load productivity of the railway units.


Concerned about the attention of social problems in the region, Fundación CICE A.C. whose assistance objective seeks to provide support to the less favored sectors of the community. Over the years, the link with civil associations has been strengthened, boosting our efforts mainly towards socioeconomic, health and education aspects.


At the same time that the TMU project was being developed; We acquired 24 hectares of land 3.5 kilometers from the port of Veracruz called CICE Puerto Seco, providing all basic services, with agile communication channels that allow users the best service in the different services provided in their facilities currently operating as logistics platform.


After this process of organizational maturation, CICE celebrates with the Port Authority of Veracruz, S.A. of C.V. (APIVER) a contract of partial transfer of rights for a territorial extension of 11 hectares destined to the equipment and investment of the first multipurpose port facility that operates as a controlled site, the Multipurpose Terminal.


The organization continues its development, undertakes the establishment of new goals, which allowed not only a structural growth, but the integral development of all the activities of the group, opening the way for the formation of the Integral Consortium of Foreign Trade S.A. de C.V., holding company of the group.


From this effort, the first subsidiary arises: Company of Equipment to the Integral Trade, S.A. de C.V., nowadays CICE Interior Terminals to meet the demands of the market, providing container storage services, maneuvers and services to import and export goods, located strategically in the vicinity of the port area.


In a period of transition and modernization of the ports following the requisitioning by the Federal Government in the Port of Veracruz, a group of Mexican investors assumed the challenge of transforming and modernizing the services of the port maneuvers in Veracruz, giving rise to the Corporation Integral de Comercio Exterior, SA de C.V., now known as CICE Puertos, a pioneer maneuvering company in the national port system.

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