Committed to Quality

We have a Comprehensive Management System on the services and processes of our company that in addition to evaluating organizational performance and promoting a culture of continuous improvement, has allowed us to add value to our services and streamline our operations. In this way we raise our standards of competitiveness, while at the same time we strengthen a relationship of trust with our stakeholders, constantly visualizing innovative solutions aimed at diversification, under high quality standards and social responsibility.

ISO 9001 : 2015

Within a vertical integral of our processes, we have certification in our transport services, loading and unloading, controlled and non-audited storage of goods, and repair of containers under ISO 9001 version 2015, to increase the satisfaction of our customers through the commercialization and realization of integral logistic services.

Authorized Economic Operator

We comply with the security measures in the supply chain in the areas of Fiscalized Area and Terrestrial Carriers, to strengthen the logistics chain of foreign trade through the implementation of internationally recognized standards and best practices in the area of ​​security under the program of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

Clean Industry and Environmental Quality

Our commitment includes complying with environmental regulations and fostering a culture of respect for the environment in each and every one of our integral logistics and marketing processes, in addition to contributing to their preservation, which is why we have the Clean Industry Certificate 'and on' Environmental Quality 'by the Federal Office of Environmental Protection (Profepa), internationally recognized for the use of good practices in this area.

Socially Responsible Company

We are part of the group of Mexican companies with a public commitment to implement a socially responsible management and continuous improvement recognized by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI), for contributing to compliance with established standards in strategic areas of corporate social responsibility, adapting to the demands and challenges of the market, keeping our business values ​​unchanged.

Best Mexican Companies

Distinctive given to Mexican private companies with a high level of performance in their business management and good organizational practices, through sustainable commitments in terms of quality of life, employability and focus on continuous improvement.

National Export Award

Distinctive received as a Mexican company highlighted by compliance with international standards of competitiveness and quality in the provision of our services, boosting growth and economic development in our country.

Patrimonial Protection

We comply with the rules of prevention and compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, approved and certified by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), for the effective application of rules that guarantee the protection of the maritime sector, merchant ships that They arrive at the different ports of the world, and our port facilities.

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